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Brian Allen Wiehahn was born on the 24th of September 1951. He was the founder of Kenpo Karate In South Africa in the 1970ís. Sensei Brian was associated with JAY T WILL (Started with Ed Parker in 1965)of the UNITED KENPO KARATE ASSOCIATION UKKA) in the 1970ís. In the late 1970ís Sensei Brain then associated TAMA with Ed parker and the IKKA. In 1995 Sensei Brian aligned TAMA with Chuck Sullivan and Vice Le Rouxís IKCA (Chinese Kenpo) until Sensei Brian Wiehahnís un timely passing in 1997.

Sensei Brett Mario Correia earliest recollection of Sensei Brain dates back to 1979. Training took place at  Saint Michaels in Plumstead and the Woodstock Community centre. Sensei Brain later moved training to MOWBRAY. Training also took place in Mitchellís Plain, Atlantis, Athlone, Grassy Park, Rondebosch East, Milnerton among other areas.

Sensei Brian was a founder member of the KARATE ASSOCIATION OF THE WESTERN CAPE (KAWP) and was also an inaugural member of the KUNGU FEDERATION OF THE WESTERN CAPE in 1996. Sensei Brain travelled to the USA, UK, Germany among other countries in his karate ventures. He also started TIGER SECURITY that offered various security services in high crime areas and employed many senior graded Kenpo instructors within TIGER SECURITY. Sensei Brain was very involved in community projects and anti drug campaigns. He had a very good relationship with the security forces and trained many of them.

Sensei Brian passed form this earth on the 7th of APRIL 1997 at the age of 45. He was the founder and head of Kenpo Karate in RSA at the time under TAMA and a 6th degree black belt.

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