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Cobe Jephta, CHIEF INSTRUCTOR (6th Degree Black Belt) and DIRECTOR of TAMA-SA was born on 24 February 1965 and started his martial arts training in 1982.

He took over the leadership of TAMA-SA in 1997 and serves as the Chief Instructor and President of SAUKKA. He is also the VICE PRESIDENT of the SA Martial Arts Association.

He has trained in TAE KWON DO under SaBomNim Mika-eel Taylor & Deon Valentyn, KYOKUSHIN KAI under the late Sensei Flowers, JKA karate under Jamie Lee Ascierto and SHUN WU TANG KUNG FU under Sifu Samson Sulaiman & Sensei Benneth April.

He was graded to 3rd DEGREE BLACK BELT by MASTER BRIAN WIEHAHN. (Black Belt in 1989) and was awarded with ensuing GRADES 4-6 after 9 further years of dedicated service to KENPO KARATE.

CHIEF SENSEI Jeptha has been involved with KENPO karate for 28 years and he changed the name from TAMA to TAMA-SA. He implemented the KIDS @ RISK (K@R) project for SAFE SCHOOLS and has been running this for over 4 years.

He launched the first INTER-SCHOOL KENPO KARATE COMPETITION (IKKC) in November 2008.

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